November 2, 2011

The Wait Is Over!

Four months ago, together with the folks at Gameful, we challenged the video game and sock-loving worlds alike to design a new department for Socks Incorporated. We were not disappointed by the creativity of the submissions and we are happy to announce the winners:

The Community Pick went to Pandemoon, who proposed a Secret Art Department (so secret, that not even Mr. Barnsworth knows of its existence!) run by two ninja brothers. Through the missions she laid out, players would hone their artistic cops while helping the brothers save the department from possible extinction.

The Judge’s Pick went to Joe Birdwell for his Grumpy Science Department, where me a crochety, lab coat wearing sock walks players through bringing a “dead” undecorated sock to life (cue ominous laughter). See the video below. 

Both winners will receive an HD video camera and Joe will get some cash money to create the Grumpy Science Department in collaboration with the Awkward Hug team. So keep your googly eyes peeled.

July 12, 2011

Buzzes and Badges, Oh My!

new features

Some of you have probably noticed some updates to the site; namely, buzzes and badges. At Socks, Inc., you don’t just earn badges for playing the game, you earn badges when other players give you kudos. We are super excited to give players a way to react to each others work and reward each other with badges. Each buzz category has 3 different levels of achievement; for example, if you earn enough geeky buzzes you can get the highest Geeky badge - the Nerd Alert badge! So go get your geeky on! 

July 11, 2011



Socks, Inc. and are challenging YOU to design your very own department!

Keeping with Gameful’s mission to make games that help to change the world, department designs needs to offer a direct positive impact to its players. The winner gets an HD video camera and the opportunity to work with Awkward Hug and make their department for the site! Our favorite idea around here is a Foot Hygiene Department, but we’re sure you can come up with something better ;). Head over to Gameful for more details. 

In other news, Kill Screen magazine’s new issue features an interview with Awkward Hug’s Jim Babb. Yay!

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Online store coming soon

We'll be launching an online store where you can buy real world and digital goodies. Until then, you can contact us about Gary badges, posters, and other swag!

Educator resources

We are working with educators to build lesson plans that incorporate the Socks Incorporated factory. If you are interested in collaborating, contact us!